Managed Print SOLUTION

Reduce print costs & free up capital and eliminate the burden that comes with supporting and maintaining your printing infrastructure.

Managed Print SOLUTION

With Managed Print Services (MPS) Country Business Machines can help you to optimise your infrastructure in only three steps: 

Consult, Implement, Manage. 

The program is designed to reduce costs, increase your staff’s productivity and reduce the burden on IT resources. Discover the full suite of modular Managed Print Services we’re offering to help move your business forward.


Reduce Costs

Gain visibility on true printing costs

Managed print services enables you to reduce your printing costs by identifying your total cost of ownership and tailoring a printing solution in scale with your business.

  • Analyse your printing costs and optimise your budget and print processes
  • Reduce or eliminate unnecessary print infrastructure so you can achieve better, quantifiable return on investment
  • Eliminate the hidden costs associated with managing your printing infrastructure
  • Integrate print management software to control and manage printing behaviour

Improve Sustainability

Rethink today what’s relevant tomorrow

In today’s world of finite resources and pressing environmental issues, a company’s ecological and social responsibility is more important than ever before.

Our products and services help you:

  • Reduce waste and save resources through eco-conscious technology and settings
  • Protect the climate and conserve biodiversity through CO2 neutrality 

Optimise Efficiency

Optimise your business processes!

Realise the benefits of automated processes. Gain time and efficiencies with our RemoteCare Services:

  • Save a call and never run out with automated toner ordering
  • Minimise unscheduled downtime with an automatic notification to our helpdesk if a device requires attention
  • Get fast and priority access to our helpdesk team with a dedicated phone number and 24/7 Customer Portal

Increase Security

Safeguard your data

Konica Minolta security solutions safeguard the privacy and confidentiality of your information through

  • print authentication,
  • storage drive security features and
  • whole of life device management services to mitigate risk and meet compliance requirements.

Secure return

We can look after your data security when your device has reached its end of life. If required, our service technician team can remove the storage drive from the device and return it to you, so that you can remove traces of files using your own security procedures.

Greater Insights

Gain insights into your business

Our Managed Print Services has a powerful reporting capability that gives you new insight into the trends and usage patterns in your printing environment.

  • Monitor devices low on toner or requiring technical assistance at a glance
  • Analyse trends and patterns to identify opportunities for better efficiency 
  • Make informed decisions regarding your print infrastructure
  • Identify opportunities to remove devices that are not being used, or where additional devices may be needed to handle the volume of printing
  • Easily identify which devices are due for replacement, so that you can account for in your budget ahead of time


Print Consulting

Realise the full potential of your Managed Print Service by implementing a print management solution.

Change Management

Change Management services that support the implementation of printing solutions, knowledge and empowerment of staff and the ongoing active management of the managed print service.

Fleet Management

Konica Minolta's OPS Monitoring Service monitors your printing fleet so that you can focus on what you do best.

Print Governance

Realise the full potential of your Managed Print Service by implementing a print management solution.