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Green Features

green_featuresAt Country Business Machines, we’re constantly working to reduce our environmental footprint and improve its efficiency. Here are a few of the earth-friendly innovations we’ve developed to help stay green.

Simitri Polymerised Toner

Today, 99.6% of Konica Minolta’s colour toners and 96.5% of its monochrome toners are polymerized – the highest rates in the industry. Simitri HD polymerized toner has considerably less impact on the environment during its production, use and recycling. Its biomass content is actually C02 neutral during recycling. Konica Minolta’s constant efforts to reduce the environmental footprint of its cutting-edge technologies while improving their efficiency are obvious in various earth-friendly innovations.

Konica Minolta’s Simitri Polymerized Toner achieves an approximately 40% reduction in CO2 emissions during production, as compared with toners produced by conventional pulverization methods.

IH Fixing Technology: Konica Minolta’s Induction Heating (IH) fixing technology reduces power consumption during the fixing process and results in shorter warm-up time.

Optimal Power Control: The power in Konica Minolta devices is optimized for each operating mode, eliminating wasted power. For example, when the bizhub C650 and C550 print from PC or receive a fax, the power supply is adjusted so that no electricity is sent to the scanner or other idle sections.

Duplex Printing: When it comes to forest resource conservation, paper use reduction in offices is important; double-sided printing is an effective means of achieving such reduction. The bizhub C650/C550/C451 realize high-speed printing when outputting double-sided color pages, thanks to a paper feed control system that feeds three sheets alternately. This system offers productivity equal to single-sided printing, and makes it easier to reduce paper use in offices.

Toner Recycling System

Original Toner Recycling: Our original Toner Recycling System collects, recycles, and re-uses toner that is not transferred to the paper during the printing process in multifunction productions. This results in saving 20% of the toner from going to waste without reducing image/print quality.

Outer Casing Plastics: The outer casing parts for every Konica Minolta Multifunction Product are made from the same two types of plastic, creating a closed material-recycling loop for recycling plastics from end-of-life Multifunction Products and incorporating them into the production of newer models. With this process, we have enabled the recycling of high purity plastics, recycling approximately 100 tons of plastics annually.

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